Tips For Selecting Hamsters

As your mom hamster continues to give her young, you’ll desire to make sure you feed her high protein foods which are very necessary to assist her provide her babies with nutrition related health. Try offering her a little scrambled or boiled egg, wheat germ and tofu. You could even feed her a bit of peanut butter. Be careful, reality. Remember the sized your little mom. แฮมสเตอร์ เลี้ยงยังไง It is easy to over-feed her and that is exactly something a person can definitely desire to avoid.

Try to purchase your hamster from any hamster exposition or from one well known pet put. That’s how you can make sure to your pet was born in an excellent environment. Also the expert raisers have increased knowledge about matching the pairs so that you can breed interesting hamsters you will get.

This variety of hamster has very poor eye sight and before handling them you should spend a few minutes talking in. It will take a week for the particular recognize your voice fooling around . they would you should never have trouble picking them forward. If you startle them by just reaching in and picking them up they often bite the customer.

Don’t allow small kids to handle the Chinese dwarf hamsters on his or her because you may escape and run from increasing. It’s really difficult to tame these hamsters and also can just dart switched off. If you wouldn’t want to chase these fast creatures around your house, keep them inside their cages or tanks. Feeding time greatest left for bigger adults and children.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to the touch her babies until they are at least two weeks old. When you touch them, those babies have your scent fitted. And then mom might eat all of. It may sound harsh, but it is a fact of hamster life.

Around a month after birth, the baby hamsters in order to be fully weaned and in order to be relocated to their own hamster storing. At this stage, a vehicle hamster end up being pregnant burning up. A good indication of those is if ever the male hamster stays hamsters raised one mom while the babies are still being nursed. If products the case, then the babies in order to carefully removed after 18 to 20 days once the mother has another kitten. It is important to separate your lives the babies into two different cages according to gender avoid inbred pregnancies.

They has special cheek pouches designed for collecting and transporting burrow materials and food. May also use their pouches as a flotation devices when they fill them up with air when swimming. Another rather handy use!

If your hamster has given birth before she’s reached this of four months, she might be more prone than an older hamster really neglect her children. In some instances, very young mothers reject or even eat their young.

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