An Comprehensive Look At The All-Stock Android Phone

Vivo Y11(2019) smartphone was launched in September, where it is providing the first multimedia experience with a dual 12-megapixel camera with OIS II sensor. The Vivo Y11(2019) can be used to browse the web, listen to music, take pictures and videos, take video and images, play games, play VoIP calls and stream internet content. It is also capable of Bluetoothing with the integration of Bluetooth Low Energy. Apart from this, the phone also features a physical keyboard which can be customized as per the requirement.

One of the unique selling points of the Y11 is its unique multi functional features vivo y11 that will help in making the device a top choice among the buyers. The all-screen design of the handset facilitates navigation with ease. The all-screen design of the Y11 allows the users to use the navigation buttons and the shortcut keys even when they are not sitting on the surface of the smartphone. One of the most innovative features of the vivo y11 smartphone is its ai triple camera.

With the advancement of technology, the cell phone battery capacity has reduced to a great extent. However, the power management of the smartphone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung and Motorola have kept on improving the battery capacity of the devices. Currently, the all the phones of the above brands including the vivo y11 have a built in Eco light technology which ensures better battery life of the devices. This eco light technology also helps in conserving the power when the user is away from the wireless network for a long time.

The all-screen design of the vivo y11 helps in maximizing the viewing pleasure of the users. The dual curved screens of the vivo y11 helps in enhancing the clarity and the color range of the displays to a greater extent. However, the all-screen design of the handset was not able to meet the demand of the high definition video mode. The all-screen design of the vivo y11 price has been provided with a support for the HD mode at an extra cost of $100.

The vivo y11 price is also highly complimented with the satisfactory audio quality of the smartphones that is capable of providing excellent sound clarity for the better user experience. The excellent smartphone features a spacious 2.5 inch multi touch capacitive touchscreen that has a large touch sensitive area. This makes the touch sensitive area very easy to use. The connectivity options of this excellent smartphone are Bluetooth, GPRS, USB and WiFi connectivity that further adds to its popularity.

This amazing smartphone has the ability to capture videos, photos and play videos with your favourite music players through the SIM card slot. The built-in MMS and Wi-Fi support enable you to send pictures and videos with your friends and family anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the Qi charge feature of the vivo y11 ( 2019) further increases its versatility. The Qi charge enables this product to remain powered without having to rely on the USB port.

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